Christmas Tree Window Decals


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Christmas Tree Window Decals
Christmas Tree Window Decals
Christmas Tree Window Decals
Christmas Tree Window Decals
A pack of gorgeous hand drawn illustrations which I have turned into adhesive vinyl decals for you to use on multiple surfaces!

These stylish scandi-theme decals can be used to decorate windows, walls or simply wherever the heart desires!


- 16 decals included altogether

- Variying sizes: smallest (3 inches) to largest (7 inches)

- Adhesive matte vinyl.

- Each individual decal can be placed however and wherever you want!

- Suitable for internal or external use.

- Single use only.

- Instructions included

High quality Oracal 631 vinyl allows decals to be easily removed from walls without causing damage to paint. Decals should be applied carefully to a smooth, flat, clean, and dry surface (painted walls, glass, ceramics, mirror, doors, metal, wood etc.).

The decals are created from Oracal 631 vinyl, which has been cleverly manufactured to adhere to most indoor wall surfaces without causing damage upon removal. However, please be informed that I am unable to guarantee a successful removal process. If you are concerned about the decal's ability to adhere to your wall type, or if you want to make sure these decals wont damage your wall upon removal, I highly recommend applying a test decal on an inconspicuous area prior to installation. These are provided with every order. Test decal styles may vary.

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