DIY Christmas Gift Wrap

This year I decided to add a little fun to my Christmas gift wrapping! 
So I grabbed some low cost brown parcel paper (the type your Granny would send her parcels in a long time ago) and a fresh white marker pen
I used Posca, a paint-based marker pen.                                              
And then I got to work.
First I decided to start with some simple star and snowflake doodles, which only took a minute or two and could easily be done by pretty much anyone.
You could even get the kids involved!

christmas diy gift wrap

Have a go, its so easy!

christmas diy gift wrap

I've been loving gingerbread house illustrations recently (as I do every Christmas) and thought this would make a really cute, rustic design on some plain brown parcel paper. 
It took about 5 minutes and I'm so pleased with how it turned out!
It's kind of a new obsession now that I will be continuing for every birthday or Christmas present I wrap for the rest of time...

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